About iPad

and iPhone Apps

ipad Apps have revolutionized how we use our electronic devices and have made utilizing a computer so much easier that even a techno-challenged person will find using a smartphone or other mobile device a breeze. Everyone now seems to be talking about apps but what are apps? Apps are the abbreviation for the word application. An application is a specific software designed for your mobile device, browser, and other electronic equipment that are lighter and smaller in size so they can run on your mobile device without consuming too much memory and computing power. In other words, it is just another term used to mean a computer program. But in our current lexicon when people use the word apps they most exclusively refer to the programs that run in our smartphones or mobile devices.

The technical limitations of these mobile devices are broken down when these applications are installed. Your smartphone can act as a remote control for a toy helicopter or your tablet will enable you to sketch and create art in a matter of minutes. Apps have come a long way since it was first introduced. Now every mobile device has it. Hence, many programmers see a lot potential for this type of program to take off and be more than just practical, business programs.

It cannot be denied that today's kids are more techno-savvy than ever. And young children are exposed to devices like tablets way before they could even talk. There are still debates on-going where some parents advocate that kids should not be exposed to these gadgets while young as they still believe it will not be beneficial for a child growing up as it might just foster a dependence on tech gadgets and may make the kid bond more with their high-tech play toys than their parents and the people around them. Personally, I find such kind of thinking outdated. Technology can be an excellent tool to help kids start to be creative and smart. There are so many apps available now that aim to educate as well as entertain. A fine example of such an app would be PeepSoftware.com's free children's apps. They have free coloring books for kids and the kids at heart. The coloring books for kids can easily be downloaded to any iPhone, iPod or iPad. We can introduce our kids to the arts and let them explore their creative side without making such a big mess in the house. This app will make an excellent stepping stone for any child to explore drawing and unleash their creative side. Parents will also feel safer knowing that their child is not exposed to harm by swallowing something like a crayon while coloring, because these types of things are a benefit to having everything stored in an iPad or iPhone.

There are many apps similar to these that will encourage kids to learn, explore, and be techno-savvy while still enabling you and your child to bond with the family.