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for small children

When you are driving your car to go to a family outing, and one of the kids pipes up every five minutes to ask "Are we there yet?", you will be glad you read this article. Because I bring you six apps that are made just for kids. So, all you have to do is hand them the iPhone or iPad and let them play a game, or watch some interesting and educational content. I have sorted the apps according to kids' age. Here are the six best apps for kids:

iPad Apps for Toddlers

ipad kids coloring book Kids Coloring Book is a game for the artistically inclined kids, and at this age, what kids are not artistically inclined? The game comes with drawing which can be colored by the child as they wish. After they have completed the coloring, the drawings can even be saved and emailed. To see a drawing made by themselves above their bed would be a great experience for any kid!

ipad kids app Where is Gumbo is an animation game in which toddlers are expected to look and peek behind various objects in a scene to look for the pet, Gumbo the dog. Gumbo and other pets are placed randomly behind different objects in the scene, so the child can expect a new gaming experience every time they play it.

iPad Apps For younger kids, aged 4-10

ipad kids app Scoops is a game that consists of making a tower out of scoops of ice-cream. What makes this game special is the innovative way in which it uses the accelerometer. You can tilt the phone to get the scoop right on top of the tower.

ipad kids app Brain Toot is a game which involves simple mathematical problems which are presented in an entertaining manner. No, it does not just consist of what is 4 + 3? It is more interesting and challenging than that. As suggested by its name, a complete exercise for the little grey cells.

iPad Apps For older kids

multiplayer ipad app Scrabble is one of the most popular word games in the world. Made by Zynga, this app from the original company is a sure way to keep not only kids busy, but mom and dad as well. It also allows everyone to learn new words. The game is multi-player, so two or more people can play among each other by using the same device. It even has a party mode where an iPad can be used as the board and iphones or iPods can be used for the TileRack

multiplayer ipad app Bejeweled is another classic game which has been downloaded more than 150 million times, and not just as an iPhone app. It consists of a board full of gems that need to be swapped to ensure that three or more gems of the same type and color are in a row, horizontally or vertically. On iPhone, with its touch interface, the game becomes all the more entertaining.