How to

find free apps

It can be difficult trying to find children apps that are free. A good starting point to find free apps is by checking the App Store built right into your iPhone or iPad. Here are the steps for iPad:

  1. Click on Top Charts
  2. Look at the tabs at the top of the screen and click on "Top Free"; This will give you a good overview of the top free apps for iphone that people are playing
  3. Find an app that is appealing and install it

Free iPad App Steps:

1- Open the iPad app store

iPad App Store

2- Click on "Featured"

3- Scroll through Top Free

How to find free ipad apps

Free iPhone App Steps:

1- Open the iPhone app store

iPhone App Store

2- Click on "Featured"

3- Scroll through Top Free iPhone apps

How to find free iphone apps

If you aren't able to find anything appealing then look at the apps you currently have installed and see who the company is that created it. If you aren't sure who created it do a search in the App Store for the app that you like. Once you find it look for the link labeled Developers Page and it should take you to the company's web site where they will have other apps that you can look for. Once you find an app maker that you like, support them by continuing to download their apps.

If you still aren't able to find free apps that are appealing to you, then the next step would be to start searching for blogs and websites where people perform reviews on free kid apps as well as just free apps in general.

There are also a handful of apps out there that run special promotions and promote free apps. We have been following Monster Free Apps and have found that they promote free apps and you don’t have to search very far, and their app is easy to use.

There are many ways to find free apps for iPad and many ways to find free apps for iPhone. When you find a method that works for you, remember it and stick with it and you will always have free apps at your finger tips so that you don't get bored with your apps and you will always have the latest free apps for iPad and iPhone.