Using iPads

for family bonding

Did you know that technology can play a big part of your family's bonding time? In the past computers, phones and portable games consoles have not encouraged family bonding experiences due to their non-social nature. The iPad changes the way we use technology forever. Apple's popular tablet device provides a genuine opportunity to share content, learning, games and stories with the whole family due to the large 10" retina display.

But how do you get the most out of family experiences on your iPad? How can you use an iPad to orchestrate quality bonding time and fun family experiences that everyone can enjoy together? Today we will look at how you can enjoy a collection of family focused developed apps to share with your children and inspire the whole family to learn and play together.

Family learning using and iPad The ability to educate yourself and your family together is one of the best reasons for a family to own an iPad. The large 10" multi-touch screen offers a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to learn together on the sofa and encourages true engagement in your family's home education. Children can research their homework using the fantastic Wikipedia App or brush up on their Math skills with dozens of popular chalk board apps. Perhaps you would like to explore the solar system with your children, after checking out the official NASA App why not pop outside and use an interactive astronomy guide to learn about the stars and planets using the iPad's camera and sensor technologies. These are just a selection of magnificent ways you can engage your family in learning using an iPad.

Family Values Start In The Home When it comes to family bonding experiences then multiplayer games can be a fantastic solution. The iPad allows turn-based multiplayer action which allows for family members to pass the device around enjoying the gameplay together. There are many different types of multiplayer games that can be played by your family. Sometimes single player games are fun to play as a family. If you have young children it is fun to have races to see who can color a picture the quickest, build a scene out of stickers or even play a classic game of finding matches. Some of these games are:

Ocean Coloring Book! - This is a fun family favorite coloring book game which presents a series of images that you and your children can color in using your fingers. This is a great simple game that you can each take turn to piece to color in. You can choose from a selection of virtual crayons and even save your favorite artwork on your iPad. Games like these are perfect to play together thanks to the large multi-touch screen.

Ocean Memory Match! - A fantastic take on the classic game snap, this Memory Match game is easy to play and can help train your brain to improve memory. By using fun colorful sea creatures this brilliant iPad family game can be easily passed around and has 3 difficulty levels to increase the challenge the more you play. This is a straightforward and fun game that encourage family bonding times.

Pirate Sticker Book! - Enjoy a fun and true childhood favorite sticker book experience with this spectacular little game. With this multiplayer game you can decide where to place your stickers on the excellent graphic backgrounds and also control the size of your stickers for even more fun times. This is a superb multiplayer game that can be shared on the sofa and bring the whole family together.

All of these fun games can be downloaded now from Apple's App Store. We hope that this article has helped you to appreciate just how great an opportunity the iPad can be as a family bonding experience. By enjoying games that are either free or just $0.99 you can have genuinely fun times together with your children. The iPad's large 10" display offers the perfect solution for sharing games and family entertainment and should be at the heart of your next family time.