Using Technology To

Prevent High Risk Teens

Did you know that spending quality family bonding time together with children of a young age can reduce the chances of high risk teens when they get older? When children are young, you may feel that they are happy enough to play by themselves and their toys. However various research has shown that children who don't spend quality time with the family from a young age may develop social and behavioural problems when they get older. Today we will explore this issue in more detail to see how you can improve your family time together with the help of technology and reduce the risks of ending up with a disruptive teenager on your hands.

Why quality family bonding experiences are important from an early age Your child begins to develop their social skills from a very young age, often even while speaking their first words. This time is crucial to encourage your child to interact with you and your family in a fun and engaging environment. Their social and interactive skills will eventually affect their behaviour patterns which will continue with them right into their teenage years. It is therefore vital to provide a solid platform for encouraging quality social experiences whether that be learning, playing or exploring. This bonding experience also helps your child to feel part of a strong family unit and they should find their role within the family more easily. Children remember their family bonding experiences and good habits will stay with them forever. But what is the best way to spend quality time together and how often should you schedule time from your busy daily life? This answer is different for every person as every situation is unique. The best thing to do is to set a scheduled "Play date" with your child so that they know when they can expect to have one-on-one play time with mom or dad.

How technology can help family bonding engagement with young children Using a computer together can be a fantastic way to get your family involved in fun learning and social education, which are the building blocks behind successful bonding experiences. You may decide to introduce a games console, laptop or iPad into your home to create new opportunities for fun family time. The later especially offers a great way to encourage the whole family to come together thanks to the iPad's ease of use and large retina display. Every day, the App Store releases new children's apps and games that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Often multi-player games can be a great way to engage your child in teamwork and competition, with games such as Kids Coloring Books and Memory Match games particularly successful at encouraging your child to participate. Time can truly fly during these fun sessions and the experiences will always stay with your child as they get older. It is important to make time for "family time", creating regular bonding experiences is vital to reduce the risk of having disruptive teens as they get older.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the benefits of spending time together as a family and how quality bonding experiences can stop greatly reduce your chances of having high risk teens later on. Using social technology like an iPad can be a fantastic solution to getting your young children involved in genuine family bonding via fun learning and playtime together.