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Nickel 55555
This is the best coloring book app in the world
I love this coloring book! It is exactly what I was looking for!
Kids Love This! They spent many hours on this coloring book. Love it!
Like the coloring book more than a 50 year old should!
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It's simple. We want to offer kids and parents the enjoyment of free games that allow a parent to occupy their child while in line at the grocery store, or while driving to a relatives house that live far away. Kids need something to occupy their time and our goal is to help occupy them with games that we would want our kids to play.

Download one of our apps today. They're free and we don't try to sale you anything. So you have nothing to lose.

We offer fun coloring books, match games, dots games, and our most recent additions are princess paper doll dressup games.


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Free Apps

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Coloring Books!
Coloring Books!
Apps that let you choose your color without the mess of crayons and markers.
Kids Coloring Books
Kids Coloring Book!
Fun free app for kids that allows them to choose their color and have fun!
Free Sticker Book Apps
Sticker Books!
Free Sticker Book Apps!
Want to see more free apps and free coloring books, Princess Dressup, sticker books and more? Check out all of our apps


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